Thesis project in solar energy engineering

As every year in autumn the students in our Master programs in Solar Energy Engineering start looking for suitable projects for their thesis work.

This year we have about 25 talented students who will start with their thesis work in January or March 2016. The thesis work can be either 15 cr ( ~2.5 months) or 30 cr (~5 months).
The content of the thesis should be related to solar energy but does not have to be a pure technical work. E.g. a suitable thesis could be also on the economical and social aspects of solar energy.

If you have a solar related problem to solve, a thesis work could give the solution. In case you want to offer a topic, I would like you to send me a short description including the aims of the project.
It is preferable that the student has a local supervisor helping with the specific issues of the topic. Dalarna University provides the academic supervision and if necessary we can also provide equipment or lab facilities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish more detailed information.
Frank Fiedler, PhD
Program Director Solar Energy Engineering
Solar Energy Research Center (SERC)
Högskolan Dalarna
S-79188 Falun
Tel. +46-(0)23 77 87 11